Leverage buyouts have been widely embraced and employed for a long time by large businesses. But they are now more frequently used, even to make small business acquisitions.

What Are Leverage Buyouts?

Leverage buyouts are described as buying a controlling interest in a company using outside funding. Typically, the assets of a company being acquired are used as collateral for an acquiring loan. Assets that can be utilized include equipment, inventory, receivables, real estate, or even cash flow. These buyouts enable an acquiring entity to take control of a company without committing a lot of its own funds.

The purposes of leverage buyouts include acquiring a company, wanting to take a company private, spinning off a portion of a company, and transferring private property.

How Can Small Companies Do Leverage Buyouts?

Owning a small business can be a good wealth generator but generating wealth can take 2-5 years or more. Using the avenue of a leverage buyout can significantly accelerate business ownership.

Follow these steps to do leverage buyouts:

Find a business that you want to buy. Determine the fit of the business with your interests, skills, and current endeavors; a business that fires your passion.

Meet with a potential seller and make your pitch to buy his/her business. Discuss what the company’s current sales and profits are along with the sales and profit history. Of course, get documentation. Ask about the value of the company’s assets. And ask what price he/she may be interested in selling the business for. Be careful to assess any losses and debts.

Work on negotiating the purchase deal. That includes identifying the seller’s vision for the company after selling it and why he/she is interested in selling it. That helps you frame up a good offer with terms acceptable to the seller.

Get an asset-based loan from an experienced lender.

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