There is probably not a website owner on the planet that does not have an interest in their conversion rate. That is because this is perhaps the most critical metric a website owner wants to see continually rising.

While generally, there is no silver bullet that will increase conversion rates overnight, there are some tips and tricks to help get this vital metric pointed in the right direction. Users will soon find that when they use the tools found in Google Analytics, they can slowly and steadily improve their conversion rates.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Bounce Rate

There is nothing more frustrating to a website owner than going through the diligent work of capturing a user only to have them leave their site immediately. There could be several reasons why a user may leave a site, but these generally have little consequence for a website owner.

If users are leaving your site quickly, you need to make improvements to the site. Start in one specific area and make changes and keep testing to see if this improves bounce rates. Keep moving through your site step-by-step, analyzing all aspects of the site to make sure your site is as optimized as possible.

Measure the Overall Rate of Your Organic Traffic

Google Analytics has plenty of reports that will tell you about your users. You can garner all sorts of information about the demographics of your users, including how they found your site in the first place.

Google Analytics even offers the ability to get real-time alerts about traffic acquisition. It is not enough just to get users. It is much more important to understand where your users come from and why they are coming to your site. This information gives you the greatest opportunity to improve user acquisition over time.

When It Comes to Websites, Speed Is the Key

Nothing will drive traffic away faster from your website than a slow-loading website. Users are coming to your website to gather information about a specific topic and they want that information immediately.

If users have to wait any amount of time to get the information, they are most likely going to leave. Google Analytics offers a page timing section that will give you great insight into the load speeds of your pages.

While the wealth of information offered by Google Analytics can often seem overwhelming when you boil it down to specific items of value, the benefit is immense. Use some of the tools mentioned here to improve rankings for your site.

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