Fix and Flip Financing

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Fix and Flip Financing Program

Time is essential for fix and flip financing. Monterey Commercial Capital knows that delayed projects aren’t profitable to investors or flippers. We designed a program that cuts the red tape and covers costs to keep projects on track. Find out how to secure financing solutions for your fix and flip property.

Fix and Flip Financing Solutions 

Whether you’re a long-time investor or if this is your very first fix and flip, we offer the same professional support and options. We invite all qualified borrowers to take advantage of our low rates, fast closings, and terms up to 24 months. 

Lines of Credit 

Lines of credit are solution-oriented for long-term investors, investment groups, or fix and flippers who are well-seasoned with managing multiple properties. Lines of credit remain open, and you only pay on what you spend, not the whole amount you’re eligible to receive. Other benefits of lines of credit include: 

  • Amounts up to $5 million 
  • Covers property purchases up to 90%
  • Applicable for more than 500 properties 

Individual Loans 

Individual Loans are more of a match for first-time investors or those who flip one property at a time. If you rely on the capital from one property for the next one, an individual loan is likely the best option for you. Other advantages of individual loans are: 

  • Amounts up to $10 million 
  • Covers property purchases up to 85%
  • No prepayment penalties 

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