Accounts Receivable Financing

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Easy Accounts Receivable Financing for Local Businesses

At Monterey Commercial Capital, we provide many alternative financing options for local businesses. Our goal is to help small businesses and other companies to have healthy financing. Working capital is necessary for paying your employees, dealing with unexpected situations and growing your services. Let us help you take the next steps to success.

Why Is Accounts Receivable Financing Valuable for Local Businesses?

In a community, small business owners generally run into a few common problems. The first is not having working capital when you need it the most. The second is customers that take too long to pay. In both situations, accounts receivable financing is a great solution.

Financing receivables involves selling unpaid invoices at a discount. Instead of waiting up to 90 days before you receive capital, you can get funds in 24 hours. The money you need is available exactly when you need it.

Accounts receivable financing from Monterey Commercial Capital features:

  • Funds within 24 hours
  • Non-recourse financing
  • No impact to debt or credit ratings
  • No fixed payments
  • Financing that grows with your business

What Businesses Can Qualify for AR Financing?

This program is comfortable for countless business owners. You don’t need a perfect credit score or amazing revenue. Even companies with past credit issues can qualify. The most important thing is to have good customers and unpaid invoices. We can help you set up everything else you need.

Reach your business objectives. Get fast financing without taking on debts. Contact us right away to learn more about financing receivables.

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